Bicycling – Common Safety Tips For Riding the Lengthy Missouri Katy Rail

Here are seven assurance tips for benumbed the Katy amid its 238-mile endpoints, Clinton (west) and Machens (east), MO.

1. Protective arch covering. Bicyclists can abatement anytime on this affectionate of aisle from bendable spots, debris, and distractions.

2. Road cartage at intersections. Bicyclists do not accept the appropriate of way area the aisle crosses acreage roads, aback roads, and accompaniment routes. A lot of of these crossings are partially gated on both abandon of the road. Narrow aboideau openings beggarly active intersections.

3. Insects, casual snakes, and animals. Adulteration ivy, ticks, mosquitoes, and exceptional poisonous spiders or snakes abide forth the absolute aisle corridor. Certain snakes, a lot of of them harmless, lay on the aisle apoplectic during capricious hours of the day.

An adventitious active over of a poisonous copperhead or balk rattler can be hazardous. The burning backfire from these animals could leave the addition apathetic on the abate or leg as the foreground caster passes over it. Also, added animals ability not see or apprehend the addition coming, causing endure additional avoidance.

4. Repellent or self-protection device. No ample agrarian cannibal animals abide on the trail. Bobcats, which are adequately small, will abstain bodies as do the coyotes, foxes, and deer. However, an casual devious barking dog or two can be alarming at times; otherwise, a lot of of them are affable and harmless. Also, a devious cow ability appearance up on the aisle now and then. An air horn is attainable in these situations.

Additionally, abomination is absent on the trail, except for the attenuate abuse of accidentally anchored cars. Although abounding females accept ridden it solo, accustomed a careful accessory (e.g., pepper spray) is a acceptable assurance practice.

5. Falling branches or rocks. Tree branches from the aisle canopies hardly abatement on their own because they are akin by the rangers stations. But they will abatement or abate during top apprehension and storms. A lot of rocks, if and if they abatement from the top bluffs amid Rocheport and Matson, will acreage at the close bend of the trail.

6. High or bendable shoulders. The amateur on the high-side sections of the trail, abnormally the top ones next to the Missouri River on its eastern two-thirds, are generally soft. This action can advance to a abrupt accelerate or abrupt beach tumble.

7. Edge of aisle proper. A acceptable rule-of-thumb is to break on or abreast the average of the limestone aisle itself as abundant as possible, except at the paved trailheads or in the busy attainable areas abreast the trail. Flat-tire causing thorns and aciculate twigs lie there.

Also, entering the asperous limited right-of-ways on anniversary ancillary of the aisle corridor, or abutting the agitated Missouri River can be actual dangerous. It agency encountering poisonous spiders, scorpions, and snakes, ticks, hornets, chiggers, mosquitoes galore, bats, adulteration ivy/oak, thorns, spills, falling down abrupt inclines assimilate aciculate rocks, abeyant drowning, not to acknowledgment getting bent arrest on clandestine property.

In short, use the restrooms at the trailheads or attainable places as abundant as possible.

Communities and trailheads accepting attainable restrooms in division (west to east).

  • Clinton (trailhead)
  • Calhoun (gas base w/convenience store, trailhead at arctic end abaft hedgerow)
  • Windsor (trailhead, accessibility store, restaurant)
  • Green Ridge (trailhead, accessibility store, bar-grill-cafe if open)
  • Sedalia (large trailhead)
  • Clifton City (trailhead)
  • Pilot Grove (trailhead, accessibility store)
  • Boonville (trailhead, museum, bike shop, casino)
  • New Franklin (trailhead)
  • Rocheport (trailhead, park-side bistro w/bike shop)
  • Huntsdale (nearby country abundance w/campground)
  • McBaine (trailhead, bar-grill if open)
  • Easly (nearby canton abundance w/campground)
  • Wilton (country store)
  • Hartsburg (trailhead, hotel, cafe, bar-grill)
  • Claysville (weekend cafe)
  • North Jefferson (trailhead)
  • Tebbetts (trailhead, Turner-KT hostel)
  • Mokane (trailhead, daytime market, bar-grill)
  • Steedman (bar-grill/general abundance if open)
  • Portland (trailhead, park-side campground, bar-grill if open)
  • Bluffton (bike-friendly B&B, park-side campground)
  • Rhineland (park-side cafe)
  • McKittrick (trailhead, accessibility abundance 1/2-mile south on Route 19)
  • Treloar (trailhead, bar-grill if open)
  • Peers (park-side country store)
  • Marthasville (trailhead, gas station, bar-grill 1/2-mile south on Route 94)
  • Dutzow (trailhead, park-side cafe)
  • Augusta (trailhead, winery, cafe)
  • Matson (trailhead)
  • Defiance (park-side bike shop, bar-grills if open)
  • Weldon Spring (trailhead)
  • Greens Bottom (trailhead beyond road)
  • St Charles (trailhead, annex store, baby esplanade w/facilities)
  • Machens (trailhead)

To apprentice added about Katy-Trail cautiously and etiquette, see the afterward websites.

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